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„This music challanges. It inspires. While playing it. While listening to it.
It's stubborn, highly precise, skilful, funny, ludicrous and at the same time charming.“


- SZ, 03.12.2018 -

Dsilton, the working-project of Georg Vogel, David Dornig and Valentin Duit was founded in 2015 as a duo of Georg Vogel and David Dornig to perform enharmntuplet arrangements of field-transcriptions. These already consisted of the main musical parameters of the whole repertoire of the ensemble, that evolved since then: the tonal space of 31 equal temperament and related 7-limit just intonation paired with rhythms based on whole number ratio n-tuplets and metric modulations.

In order to play the original material, special instruments were

introduced to the ensemble, first a combination of David Dornig´s

6-string electric 31-tone guitar with subset-tuned 12-tone keyboards.

These enharmonic subsets were designed to play already written pieces but at same time they became a starting point for new ones; exploring the possibilities of limited tonal space of the subsets. The newly introduced works widened the stylistic range and brought new parameters especially concerning improvisation, that came out of new compositional methods such as enharmonic intonated 12-tone serialism, 31-tone serialism, 31-tone approximated spectralism, 31-tone extended diatonic fields, a.o.. In the meantime Valentin Duit joined the ensemble on the drumset in 2017 and the whole repertoire was adapted to the new instrumentation. In 2018 split sharps keyboards were introduced, which were built by Georg Vogel, called Clavitones with at least 31 keys per octave. This again opened up a lot of new possibilities for new compositions. Also a new hybrid bass and guitar instrument was built for David Dornig with 31-edo with 8 strings.


Dsilton was happy to present their music at many places, such as moers festival 2018, Bezau Beatz Festival 2018, Jazzclub Dachau 2018, Symposium Mikrotöne Salzburg 2019, Blue Tomato Vienna 2019, Porgy & Bess 2021, Kultursommer Festival Wien 2021, Festival Sansusi 2021, Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2021, Soundplasma Tallinn 2021, Kick Jazz Festival 2021, Huygens-Fokker Fd. Amsterdam 2022, oenm-Wochenende Salzburg 2022, Inntöne Tastenfestival 2022.


Beginning of 2023 Dsilton present their first studio album ,Dsilton’,

which documents, like every concert the whole grown repertoire of pieces by David Dornig and Georg Vogel since the beginning- still framed by the same pieces like at the very first duo-concert.

Anker 1


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31-Tone Guitars

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